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The questions you want to ask regarding Agile Software Development and our honest and sincere answers.

What is Agile ?

In a few words, we can define it as the possibility to respond the challenges of unstable environment to gain success.

What is Agile Software Development?

This is the name of a concept which collects the methods and practices of software development based on the ideas of the Agile Manifesto.

The collaboration between independent and self-organizing teams provides the evolve of the solutions.

In CodedInn, we use the Agile Software Development methodology to create the most perfect product for our customers.

Oh, that's great and quite clear! But would you tell me about the main values of Agile Manifesto?

Of course, we can.
We have four values of Agile Manifesto. Here they are:

  • Communication is more important than processes and tools.
  • Working product is more important than comprehensive documentation
  • Dialog with a customer is more important than contract negotiation.
  • The changes are more important than following a plan.

For CodedInn Agile Manifesto is the great roadmap for the organization of the process of software development.

Well, It's ok about values. Have you got any principles?

Right, we have 12 principles within the framework of the Agile Development concept. It is their use that creates the benefits of Agile Software Development.

  1. The customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We'll provide it by nonstop production and delivery of valuable software.
  2. We are happy about changes at any stage of development. We use Agile concept for the creation of a customer's competitive advantage.
  3. The term to deliver minimal working version varies from two weeks to a couple of months. But we prefer to do it faster.
  4. The product owner is a part of a development team and we cooperate with him daily.
  5. Our team leads are highly motivated. We trust them and gave the full support they need.
  6. We believe that the most effective way to collaborate through a project is a face-to-face conversation.
  7. The main progress indicator is working software.
  8. The constant pace is necessary to gain sustainable advantages of Agile processes. The product owner, developers, and users have to work together to support them.
  9. Perfectionism regarding coding and design enhances Agility.
  10. Simplicity is king.
  11. The self-organizing teams are the best source for perfect professionals, designs, and solutions.
  12. Rhythm is king. Regular efforts, communications, briefings, brainstorms, make the team more effective, tune and adjust its behavior accordingly.

And as a result, the implementation of all of the principles of Agile Development in CodededInn led to simply staggering results.

Let's imagine I agree to work with you. What are the stages of the project?

In CodedInn the Agile Development project consists of recurring sprints, each of them in its turn consists of planning, development, testing, and demonstration of a Minimum Working Version. You have to be qualified enough and involved permanently in this process. The sprint length is the same and ranges from one to four weeks. When the milestone is reached, the sprint result can be implemented.


The product owner's requirements are collected in a list which we call Backlog. Then the plan of the future sprints is confirmed. The daily meeting of a project team- Scrum- controls the progress of the CodedInn Agile Development project. The product owner checks and analyzes the specific results makes adjustments at the end of each sprint.

Minimum Working Version.

The point is to create a simple working version with the minimum features to get the , mockup of the future advanced version. This is done in order to give the product owner a working prototype on which he can test his ideas and the necessity of the features he previously wanted. This is the most important stage of Agile Development process and we, in CodedInn, pay great attention to this point.

And the sprints recurs again and again until the result is perfect.

You know ... All you told me sounds great, but could you give me the brief? I have to consult with my wife... Oh no, with my business counselor, of course!

Well, here is the brief list of advantages of Agile Software Development in CodedInn:

  1. You don't have to create the detailed tasks.
  2. The development process is under your full control.
  3. The price is much lower due to the absence of risks which are always taken into account by the contractor in case fixed value of the full project is defined.

Send us the description of your idea. Ask us whether Agile Development will be suitable for your project.

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