Manage your own team

Start working with your own development team in ease way

About the teams

Start developing your project without investing time and efforts in the requirements and team management. Your Managed Team takes the most time-consuming tasks off your hands and enhances your productivity. We get things done on schedule while you maintain control.

We can offer software engineers, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists just for you. Manage your own team using our resources and development environment. Your exclusive team will increase output while reducing costs.

We set up your own Dedicated Team complying with your administrative needs, including office unit and required software

You need it when

  • You don't have much time for hiring and securing excellent, cost-effective IT talent in your home location
  • You need to develop new products and features
  • If you need a temporary IT resource during the employment process of a full-time employee
  • If dynamic project’s scope demands urgent interference of the remote dedicated team
  • If you need an extra developer or remote team of developers to meet the deadline of the project

You will get

  • Cost reduction up to 50%
  • Transparent price
  • Flexible access to your team and resources
  • No recruitment and retention stress
  • Easy team start
  • Your team works on your projects
  • Total team control, advantage of scalability, reduced administration

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