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E-commerce development

E-commerce is the one of the oldest and fundamental independent branch of online business.
And one of the most conservative.
We adhere to the principle of reasonable conservatism in this area. Our principles are:


Working with us, you can be sure that you will get the full functional product created under the rules of GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation).
We guarantee that your final product will fully comply to GDPR rules.
You don't have to wait when the giants like Google or Etsy will create something new. You are able to implement your demands working in a close contact with our professional Agile development team.

The process of the development your turnkey solution will include the following stages:
  • Creation of site prototype on the basis of technical
  • Programming of the website and its mobile application
  • Testing and control with correction of errors
  • Visualization process - creation of style and design
  • Services programming
  • Placing on hosting and output of shop to the network

Each of these stages is fully transparent and will be considered complete after your confirmation. This is one of the main principles of the Agile Development method.
In addition, please note, you will receive a minimum working version after completing each iteration.

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