Product support

Technical support

We do not even have such a term as technical support. Surprised?

Let us explain

Typically, Technical Support service maintains close contact with engineers and developers to solve emerging problems. But we are guided by the methods of Agile Development in our activities, which means that you will become our partner and will be able to directly report any problems to the developers.

As a product owner, you will be in close contact with the development team, and if necessary, you can monitor the development process in real time, even on a daily basis. This approach completely excludes misunderstanding in the team.
And, of course, we must apologize for this little joke: you can be absolutely sure of the traditional technical support 24/7.
Technical support of CodedInn will solve technical problems of customers by email, telephone and other electronic media.
Support can include remote configuration of computer hardware or software to ensure the proper functioning of our product.

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