Quality Assurance

A formula for success


Product is nothing if you are not sure of its quality. How to make sure that your product is working properly on any operational modes? Easy.
Just use our CodedInn quality assurance system. It includes the following ways to provide maximum performance and quality.


We provide Quality Assurance (QA) Automation services that optimize and simplify routine testing with a minimum sets of scripts. CodedInn QA Automation solutions improve accuracy as they perform the same steps precisely every time they are executed. They give fast, reliable feedback for both management and developers about the quality of your software product.


Our QA Security service ensures that your software product can resist malicious attacks. We find security weaknesses through manual review and automated testing. Our team detects security vulnerabilities and prevents attacks on your applications and on your company networks and servers.


Our analysts play the role of the end-user, testing product features to ensure they behave as designed. We verify that the software solution corresponds to the specification, applicable quality standards, and user needs. By manual testing, our QA professionals eliminate bugs in all phases of development, on all supported platforms, from the initial requirements analysis to final production.


CodedInn`s performance testing service predicts system behavior and performance under real-life stress conditions. Our Testing Centre of Excellence ensures that your web or mobile applications can both achieve and maintain peak performance. Stress testing anticipates and eliminates bottlenecks in your software application, making sure that your customers enjoy high levels of service and you enjoy maximum profitable productivity.


CodedInn’s team of QA consultants will review your product, analyze QA and development processes, evaluate your procedures and team, to identify project vulnerabilities and bring your QA strategy into line with the industry QA standards.

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