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Web Development

In CodedIn, we mean the term Web Development, as a set of different measures for developing Web sites.

We divided them into the following stages:

Web design
Client-side/server-side scripting
Network security configuration

According to the concept of Agile Development, CodedInn specialists divided Web design processes into the following parts:

Web graphic design
User interface design
Website engine design
User experience design

The client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration are the complex of measures for tuning and debugging the functionality of websites and ensuring their safety.

Stages of Web Development
  • designing a site or a web application (collection and analysis of requirements, development of terms of reference, interface design)
  • development of the creative concept of the site
  • creation of the site design-concept
  • creating page layouts
  • layouts of pages and templates
  • programming (development of functional tools) or integration into a content management system (CMS)
  • optimization and placement of site materials
  • testing and adjusting
  • opening of the project on a public site
  • servicing of a working site or its software basis

We use AGILE DEVELOPMENT Methods to perform all these steps in the most appropriate way.
In fact, this means that CodedInn provides a complete minimal working version at the end of each step.

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